Image to Text

A free online OCR image to text converter will extract text from image, scanned document, or printed PDF by using Optical Character Recognition.

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Multiple Image Formats

  • Highly Accurate


    Extract text from image using this image to text converter. Stop wasting time on manual typing and start using this tool to get an editable text file (PDF, DOC). You are free to upload any image (JPG, JPEG, WebP, etc.) in the photo to text converter to make it into a readable text document.

    How Our Tool Works?

    This text scanner is loaded with a simple UI (user interface) that lets you upload an image and extract text from it easily. It functions swiftly if you follow these steps:

    • Tap on the UPLOAD IMAGE button to upload an image 
    • You can also paste the URL of the image directly in the designated field to extract text from it
    • Select language from the upper right corner if your image contains text in some other language
    • You can also select an image from DropBox directly to perform the conversion


    You can upload batch files by using different uploading ways for each image containing text in any language.


    The online OCR converter does the following functions:

    • Extract text from the image 
    • Prepare a document containing the original text as in the image

    Features of Image To Text Converter:

    Following are the features of the photo to text converter that make it the most trustworthy tool!

    🔤 Multiple Language Support
    🛡  Secure Conversion
    🏖 Multiple Image Formats
    🛠 Free Services
    🎯 High Accuracy

    Multiple Language Support:

    Now extract text in multiple languages. The image to text converter can recognise text in any language and turn it into a content file that you can download and flee away.

    Secure Conversion:

    Your image to text extraction will be 100% secure! Now whatever data you convert from image to text is encrypted and no one can access it. We are not able to read it. 

    Multiple Image Formats:

    By using an image to text extractor, you can drag text from multiple image formats including

    • JPG
    • JPEG
    • PNG
    • WebP
    • JFIF
    • BMP
    • GIF

    Free Service:

    You do not need to pay even a single penny to extract text from an image. The image to text converter does this all for you absolutely free of cost. You do not need to purchase any premium subscription and perform photo to text conversions as many times as you want.

    Downloadable Text File:

    Once your conversion is complete, tap “Download” to save the text file in several formats including:

    • PDF
    • HTML
    • DOC and Others

    High Accuracy:

    Our tool uses an advanced OCR (optical character recognition) algorithm to process photo to text conversions at an optimal level.

    Extract Text From Blur Images:

    It does not matter how blurred your uploaded image is, you will get a non-compromised text file with no spelling mistakes. Also, the tool will recognise any design text and paste it into the file.

    No Retype Hustle:

    Get text from image in such a way that you are left with no further revision to improve any text or grammatical mistakes. So no retyping is a time saver as well!

    Access from Multiple Devices:

    You can use our image to text converter on any device you want.


    Use can use the image to text converter to

    • Share important news with your mates. You can immediately scan it and share it in text format with anyone you want
    • Digitalize a hard document to make changes to it 
    • Scan important classroom notes and use them on your mobile device 
    • Do your data entry job quite simply and fast by scanning images containing sensitive data and converting it to a legitimate text file that is both encrypted and saved on your device
    • Scan and save important contacts and social media posts including WhatsApp status, Instagram reels, Twitter feed and more


    What Is the Use of Image to Text?

    Image to text is an advanced OCR technology that recognises all the text in any image and translates it to a file of electronically designated characters. Our image to text converter uses the same technology to let you make unlimited photo-text conversions straightaway.

    Can We Convert Image to Text In Word?

    Yes of course you can! MS Word has a built-in OCR algorithm that immediately transforms images into understandable text.

    Can I Save a Picture as Text?

    Just drag and drop the picture in the image to text converter. It will instantly convert it to a text file that you can save later.

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